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Radroute Scandiberique in der südlichen Seine-et-Marne : von Bois le Roi bis Souppes-sur-Loing

Radroute Scandiberique in der südlichen Seine-et-Marne : von Bois le Roi bis Souppes-sur-Loing

Eine Radtour von fast 60 km entlang der Seine und Loing. Entdecken Sie Wasserwege, Wald und Naturschutzgebiete.

Unterwegs begegnen Sie charmanten Dörfern, Schlössern, Mittelalterliche Städte, Museen, Kirchen und schône Residenzen in dieser angenehmen Landschaft.

55 km
max. 78 m
min. 41 m
217 m
-225 m

Altimetric profile

Starting point

77590 Bois-le-Roi
Lat : 48.474568Lng : 2.692292
47 d
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Bois-le-Roi railway station

Leaving the railway station via the main exit, you have two options:
- Either you exit onto the railway station square, head left and then after a few dozen meters cross the street towards the car park behind the post office; you’ll find the signpost for the Scandibérique. This panel provides additional information on the signposting used along the itinerary, as well as on tourist sites and attractions to be found along the way.
- Or, you head directly to the itinerary via "Rue des Sesçois", by exiting the railway station via the Paris-arrivals quay, climbing down the stairway and turning left onto "Rue des Sesçois".

3 Rue des Sesçois 77590 Bois-le-roi
Lat : 48.47551Lng : 2.692155
78 m
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Schloss und Stadtmuseum Nemours

Symbol der Stadt Nemours die Schlossburg (Denkmalschutz) ist eng mit...Read more

Lat : 48.265538Lng : 2.697114
61 m
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Crossing Bois-le-Roi

- After a hundred meters, take the first street on the right: "Rue de Chantemerle". Careful: this street descends rather steeply.
- At the bottom of "Rue de Chantemerle", turn right to reach the Seine River along Quai de la Ruelle, heading towards Fontainebleau. This quay allows you to admire the magnificently flamboyant villas known as "Affolantes" built along the banks of the Seine during the Belle Epoque period.
- Follow the multi-purpose path (for hikers and bikers) for a hundred meters, leading you back to the Seine quays on the other side of the bridge (thereby allowing you to avoid having to cross the busy secondary road). Upon leaving this path (careful: no gate), turn right onto Quai Olivier Métra in the direction of the UCPA recreational area.
- At the following intersection, at the river-dam footbridge, continue straight on along "Rue de l’Ile Saint-Pierre".
- At the end of "Rue de l’Ile Saint Pierre", turn right onto "Rue Demeufve".
- Then turn immediately left onto "Rue de Tournezy".

2 Rue Chantemerle 77590 Bois-le-roi
Lat : 48.477651Lng : 2.688797
77 m
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Basilica Saint Mathurin

This famous place of pilgrimage celebrates the memory of Saint Mathurin,...Read more

Lat : 48.28405Lng : 2.596352
0 m
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Crossing the Bois-le-Roi sports and recreation park

- Upon arriving at the park, you’ll find the reception centre on your right, where you can enjoy a drink beneath the shady trees.
- At the roundabout, continue straight on.
- As you pass through the sports and recreation park, you’ll find picnic spots and a swimming area. Follow the signposts, continuing straight on along the tarred road.
- At the end of this road, where it meets the D116 secondary road, continue straight on along the path heading left.

12 Rue de Tournezy 77590 Bois-le-roi
Lat : 48.481641Lng : 2.713929
48 m
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Located in the south of the Seine-et-Marne near the forest of Fontainebleau...Read more

Lat : 48.284118Lng : 2.597539
0 m
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Departementales Museum der Prähistorik der Ile de France

Ein Rückblick auf 800 000 Jahre. Das Museum ist in eimem modernen...Read more

Lat : 48.261217Lng : 2.713679
89 m
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Greenway along the Seine River until Samois

Follow this marked multipurpose path through the Fontainebleau Forest, perfect for bicycles, that will take you back to the Seine riverbanks, with strategic openings in the lush vegetation affording lovely views of the Fontaine-le-Port villas and a series of bucolic landscapes.

Route de la Pépinière 77300 Fontainebleau
Lat : 48.481293Lng : 2.747462
55 m
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Arrival in Samois-sur-Seine

- At the end of the "Promenade de Samois", at the so-called “Petit Barbeau” site, turn left onto Rue du Petit Barbeau.
- Upon arriving at the "Petit Barbeau" car park, continue straight on along the narrow "Chemin du Petit Barbeau" road through this rather “rural” area of town.

7 Rue du Petit Barbeau 77920 Samois-sur-seine
Lat : 48.45437Lng : 2.76003
46 m
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Saint Severin Abbey Château-Landon

What we see today is just a remaining of the origins, monks had to...Read more

Lat : 48.15061Lng : 2.708713
image utilisateur
/ 108 d / 0 m

La Gâtine beer

La Gâtine was born in the year 2000. We have been farmers for...Read more

Lat : 48.151947Lng : 2.56647
0 m
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Pedalling through Samois-sur-Seine

- At the end of "Rue du Petit Barbeau", at the river port, you’ll find this little village with its marina-like atmosphere, punctuated with restaurants, bars and flowered terraces overlooking the Seine and its barges.
- Continue straight on along "Quai de la République". At the end of the quay, at the stop sign, pass over the Seine via the footbridge to reach the Île au Berceau island, which hosted for nearly half a century the famous Django Reinhardt Jazz Festival (now held within the Fontainebleau Palace park).
- At the far end of the island, turn left onto Quai Franklin Roosevelt. Careful passing through the gate to leave the isle.
- Continue straight on along Quai Franklin Roosevelt, to enter the hamlet of Les Plâtreries. All along this section, admire the Affolantes of Samois: the town’s extravagant holiday villas dating back to the Belle Epoque.
- Follow this road to the edge of town.

7 Rue du Petit Barbeau 77920 Samois-sur-seine
Lat : 48.45437Lng : 2.76003
46 m
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Château Landon

Entdecken Sie diese MittelalterstadtMit seiner Position auf einer...Read more

Lat : 48.149892Lng : 2.703541
0 m
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Arrival in the Pont de Valvins

- Upon leaving Samois, before reaching the Pont de Valvins bridge, turn left onto the road passing beneath the bridge (Route de Valvins).
- Follow this road until the stop sign at the secondary road intersection. Then turn right to reach the roundabout, where you’ll take the first right to cross over the bridge. We recommend walking your bike over this busy bridge lacking a dedicated bike path.
- After the Pont de Valvins, continue a further 50 meters until the pedestrian crossing, to cross the road and retrace your steps.
- Before the bridge, turn right onto Promenade Stéphane Mallarmé and at the turn, take the towpath immediately to your left.
- Follow this towpath bordering the Seine through Vulaines, until you come to a clearing and the Grange aux Dîmes campsite in Samoreau.

1 Quai des Platreries 77920 Samois-sur-seine
Lat : 48.430069Lng : 2.744265
50 m
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Located on the plateau overlooking the Loing valley, here is a charming...Read more

Lat : 48.176618Lng : 2.872105
0 m
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Arrival in Samoreau

- Pedal up Chemin de l’Abreuvoir and turn right onto "Rue de l’Eglise".

- To follow "Rue de l’Eglise", you can choose to safely bike along the track on the other side of the fence.

- Then follow "Route de Champagne", a little-used road, to "Chemin des Pressoirs du Roi".

- This tranquil country road is particularly pleasant to pedal along, affording pretty perspectives of the Seine.

Chemin de l'Abreuvoir 77210 Samoreau
Lat : 48.42204Lng : 2.74747
44 m
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Arrival in Champagne-sur-Seine

- This route "Route des fours du Roy" will take you to the village of Champagne-sur-Seine.
- Continue to the "Quai de Seine", then follow "Rue Bernard de Villele".
- Continue on to the "Quai de la Passerelle", until the intersection with "Rue de l’Aqueduc" and the entrance to the "Espace Naturel Sensible" (open to the public, these state nature reserves are meant to protect natural landscapes, while also providing flood control).
- Upon leaving the nature park, continue straight on until the Champagne-sur-Seine bridge, then turning right to cross the bridge.
This bridge is perfectly suited to bicycle tourists.

11 Rue des Coudreaux 77210 Samoreau
Lat : 48.41282Lng : 2.76011
45 m
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Situated close to Montereau-Fault-Yonne the 12th century village of...Read more

Lat : 48.312525Lng : 2.921402
0 m
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Arrival in Saint-Mammès

- After crossing the bridge, turn right onto "Route des Quais de Seine" and pedal up "Quai du Loing", following the signs.

This charming town shaped over the centuries by its inhabitants (principally bargemen) invites you to explore its alleyways snaking about the old “bargee gardens”.

- Continue straight on until the bridge, to return to "Route de Saint-Mammès".

- Cross the road and continue to the Scandibérique

Place Eugène Renoud-Bernard 77670 Saint-mammes
Lat : 48.389172Lng : 2.807924
49 m
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The Moret-sur-Loing canal lock

Leaving town, just before the Moret-sur-Loing lock, turn right to join the Loing Canal towpath. A lovely ride of just over 6 km awaits your eyes and legs!

34 Rue du Peintre Sisley 77250 Moret-sur-loing
Lat : 48.37102Lng : 2.82556
51 m
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Lat : 48.373347Lng : 2.816429
0 m
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Along the towpath

Follow the towpath paralleling the right bank of the Loing. Upon reaching the centre of the village of Episy, cross the bridge located opposite the Auberge d’Episy inn. At the inn roundabout, turn right to once again pedal along the towpath, now on the left bank of the canal. Upon leaving the village, keep an eye peeled for the grey herons of the Episy Marsh, a listed nature reserve popular among both birds and birdwatchers! Continue along the towpath. Passing through the waterside villages, admire the lovely residences and edifices overlooking the canal, such as the town hall of Montcourt-Fromonville. At the entrance to Nemours, cross the bridge to reach the opposite bank near the Nemours canal lock.

4 Route Départementale 40 77250 Episy
Lat : 48.343258Lng : 2.794175
54 m
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Museum des Gerstenzuckers

1683 gründeten Benekitinerinnen eine Fabrik mit eimem bis Heute...Read more

Lat : 48.372529Lng : 2.819822
0 m
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At the lock, follow Rue Thiers to visit the town centre. Be sure to explore the castle-museum, Nemours' emblematic 12th-century edifice grandly situated in the old medieval district. The town hall and 16th-century "Hôtel-Dieu" (former hospital) are also well worth the detour. To leave Nemours, you’ll skirt the town centre by first returning to the canal lock. Cross the lock to reach Rue de l’Ecluse on the right bank, then follow Rue du Port au Sablé. Cross the bridge at Rue de Paris to change banks and reach Quai du Canal on the left bank. Continue first along Cours Balzac, then Quai des Mariniers.

2 Chemin de Halage de Fromonville 77140 Nemours
Lat : 48.273004Lng : 2.695406
63 m
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Au confluent de la Seine et du Loing, le village s’anime contre...Read more

Lat : 48.388682Lng : 2.807999
0 m
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Lat : 48.409154Lng : 2.784672
0 m
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Leaving Nemours at the end of Quai des Mariniers, cross the road (remaining on the same bank) to rejoin the towpath. A shady landscaped promenade will lead you through Saint-Pierre-les-Nemours, between the "tame canal" and the "wild river".

2 Quai des Mariniers 77140 Nemours
Lat : 48.26325Lng : 2.69435
61 m
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The Loing Canal

Continue riding along the left bank of the Loing Canal, via this occasionally grassy dirt path. Tributary to the Seine River, the Loing flows for 166 km. But don’t worry, today you’ll only pedal around 30. Along the way, you’re sure to frighten a few mallards into flight. In Bagneaux-sur-Loing, remain on this same bank. On the opposite side of the canal, you can see the old glass factories for which this waterside village has been famous since the 18th century. When you reach the Madeleine-sur-Loing lock, cross over to change banks. Continue pedaling along the right bank to arrive at Souppes-sur-Loing.

27 D40E5 77140 Saint-pierre-les-nemours
Lat : 48.256841Lng : 2.694354
62 m
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/ 48 d / 0 m


Welcome to the landscape painter’s village at the edge of the...Read more

Lat : 48.447193Lng : 2.603497
0 m
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After passing the silos and warehouses of the Souppes-sur-Loing port, cross the Loing Canal via the bridge to the left. Head towards the centre of Souppes-sur-Loing, along the way passing over three bridges straddling the "wild Loing". After the third and last bridge, turn right onto Rue Voltaire. At the end of this road, bear left in front of the church onto Rue de la République.

1 D207 77460 Souppes-sur-loing
Lat : 48.180567Lng : 2.723751
71 m
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/ 15 d / 0 m


Ideal gelegen zwischen Fontainebleau und Nemours war dieses Dorf ein...Read more

Lat : 48.340724Lng : 2.70962
0 m
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Souppes-sur-Loing railway station

Take the tunnel in front of you to pass under the railway, then turn right twice to arrive at the Souppes-sur-Loing railway station.

14 Rue de la République 77460 Souppes-sur-loing
Lat : 48.182484Lng : 2.733364
69 m
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Schloss Fontainebleau

Das Schloss Fontainebleau ist ein Spaziergang durch die Geschichte...Read more

Lat : 48.402055Lng : 2.69956
0 m
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/ 135 d / 0 m

Der Nationalforst Fontainebleau

Mit seiner Umgebung ist der Nationalforst Fontainebleau mit einem...Read more

Lat : 48.405457Lng : 2.67708
0 m
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/ 183 d / 0 m


Situé dans le sud de la Seine-et-Marne au cœur de la...Read more

Lat : 48.453358Lng : 2.754053
0 m

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