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77300 Fontainebleau
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At the gates of Provins
At the gates of Provins
At the gates of Provins
At the gates of Provins
At the gates of Provins
At the gates of Provins

At the gates of Provins

In the footsteps of the Knights Templar

Majestic ramparts and circling birds of prey, winding medieval lanes and the fragrant Provins rose – dating back to the Crusades – blooming in abundance… Welcome to Provins!

Dominated by the Tour César tower, this history-steeped town is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and immerses curious visitors in the Middle Ages, when Provins was frequented by lords and ladies, knights and merchants.

14 km
3 h 30 mn
max. 158 m
min. 91 m
253 m
253 m

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Styles : BaladeIn the country
Public : Occasional hikers
Theme : Patrimony

Starting point

6 6 Chemin de Villecran
77160 Provins
Lat : 48.5612Lng : 3.28205
0 m
35 d
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The tithe barn of Provins

Audio guided visit of a merchant and medieval crafts exhibition.

2 rue Saint-Jean 77160 Provins
Lat : 48.562Lng : 3.2853
0 m
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Point 1

Head towards the upper town, turn left before the Porte Saint-Jean gate and follow the ramparts to the Porte de Jouy.

6 Chemin de Villecran 77160 Provins
Lat : 48.5612Lng : 3.28204
0 m
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Provins Ceasar's Tower

The emblematic keep of Provins, built in the 12th century !Located...Read more

Rue de la Pie 77160 Provins
Lat : 48.5615Lng : 3.29008
0 m
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Point 2

Take the left-hand road. At the turn, continue straight on, then walk down. Follow the D55 to the left for 150 metres, then climb to the left. At the intersection, turn right.

Chemin des Courtils 77160 Provins
Lat : 48.5654Lng : 3.28351
0 m
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Point 3

At the crossroads, turn right, cross the D55 and continue opposite along the D55e. After the bridge, at the start of the turn, turn right onto the path that cuts the bend. Pass Rouilly. In Rouillot, follow the Sente de Rouillot path opposite, the road to the left, then the road to the right.

D55 77160 Mortery
Lat : 48.5945Lng : 3.26117
0 m
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Provins museum

The Museum, located in the Roman a house in the higher part of Provins...Read more

7 rue du Palais 77160 Provins
Lat : 48.5616Lng : 3.29054
0 m
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Point 4

At the last house, turn right and go down. Follow the D55e to the left for 50 metres, then climb to the left. Turn right, then left along the Grande-Rue. After the left turn, turn right onto Rue du Cimetière. Pass the cemetery and continue on for 300 metres.

4 Rue Creuse 77160 Rouilly
Lat : 48.5876Lng : 3.28653
0 m
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The Provins rose garden

Poetry and magic setting…At feet of monuments, you will find...Read more

11 rue des Prés 77160 Provins
Lat : 48.5648Lng : 3.29204
n/a m
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Pont 5

Turn right, walk 500 metres before bearing left, then go down. Take the left-hand road for 50 metres and bear left.

Rue du Cimetière 77160 Rouilly
Lat : 48.5812Lng : 3.29527
0 m
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Point 6

After the old Couvent des Cordelières convent, take the path on the left. At the end of the wall, climb the slope to the right, follow the right-hand road for 80 metres, then take the left-hand path. Continue on via Rue du Barreau, then Rue de Nanteuil to the right and Rue des Boulançois to the left. Cross the river, walk right along the promenade and continue on until the stadium entrance.

14 Rue André-François Poncet 77160 Provins
Lat : 48.5678Lng : 3.29873
0 m
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Point 7

Turn left onto Rue des Prés, then turn right and climb left via Rue des Blancs-Manteaux. Climb straight on up the steps, then bear right onto Rue du Collège. Turn left onto Rue des Beaux-Arts to reach the Place Saint-Quiriace square. Go right.

30 Boulevard d'Aligre 77160 Provins
Lat : 48.5649Lng : 3.29467
0 m
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Point 8

After the Tour César, follow Rue de la Pie. Continue right, turn left onto Rue de l’Ormerie, cross the Place du Châtel square and continue along Rue Couverte.

Rue de la Pie 77160 Provins
Lat : 48.5611Lng : 3.29028
0 m
image du poi

Point 9

Follow Rue Saint-Jean to the left to return to the Provins Tourist Office.

14 Rue Savigny 77160 Provins
Lat : 48.5621Lng : 3.28598
0 m

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