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Quartier Henri IV - Place d'Armes
77300 Fontainebleau
01 60 39 60 39
Stevenson Trail
Stevenson Trail
Stevenson Trail

Stevenson Trail

Set out to explore Fontainebleau Forest and admire its exceptional landscapes, following in the footsteps of the numerous writers, poets and painters who found artistic inspiration here in the second half of the 19th century.

Relive Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous trek from Barbizon to Grez-sur-Loing – the inspiration for his book “Treasure Forest” – to meet up with his artist friends staying at the Hôtel Chevillon.

24 km
5 h 30 mn
max. 134 m
min. 55 m
245 m
271 m

Altimetric profile

Styles : HikingBaladeIn the country

Starting point

17 Devant l'hôtel du Bas-Bréau
77630 Barbizon
Lat : 48.4441Lng : 2.609
0 m
32 d
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/ 33 d / 0 m

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31 Grande Rue 77630 Barbizon
Lat : 48.4446Lng : 2.60769
n/a m
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Pont 1

The Stevenson Trail begins in front of the Hôtel du Bas-Bréau, leading you along Grande Rue.

24 Grande Rue 77630 Barbizon
Lat : 48.4441Lng : 2.60908
0 m
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/ 35 d / 0 m

1 rue des Écoles 77760 Recloses
Lat : 48.3472Lng : 2.64252
0 m

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1 an
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Point 2

As soon as you enter the forest, turn right onto “Le Sentier des Peintres” trail (marked in yellow) in the direction of the “Stèle Millet Rousseau”. Continue along this yellow-marked trail, passing by a café, “Le Chalet de la Caverne”, and a remarkable tree, “Le Chène Sully”.

Allée des Vaches 77300 Fontainebleau
Lat : 48.4419Lng : 2.61861
0 m
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/ 22 d / 0 m


Welcome to the landscape painter’s village at the edge of the Fontainebleau...Read more

77630 Barbizon
Lat : 48.4456Lng : 2.6046
n/a m
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Point 3

Bear right along the paved road and after only a few metres, turn right again onto the blue path just nearby.

Route de Sully aux Néfliers 77300 Fontainebleau
Lat : 48.434Lng : 2.62743
0 m
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Point 4

At the crossroads, take the GR 1, second path on the left (Route du Puits au Géant), and follow the trail all the way to Franchard (careful crossing the D409 secondary road).

Route de la Gorge aux Néfliers 77300 Fontainebleau
Lat : 48.4323Lng : 2.62367
0 m
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Point 5

In Franchard, be sure to visit the ecotourism centre (if open), offering guided tours, information on the forest and snacks. From the “Eye of the Nations” in the centre of the crossroads, turn right onto the GR 1 trail, then left immediately after the hermitage.

1 Route de l'Ermitage 77300 Fontainebleau
Lat : 48.4096Lng : 2.63299
0 m
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Point 6

After passing the hermitage, leave the GR 1 trail to take the blue 7-7 (not the 7!) path on the right, next to the Fontaine des Ermites (Hermits’ Fountain). The blue 7-7 trail heads south, crossing a rocky area to once again join the GR 1 a little further on.

1 Route de l'Ermitage 77300 Fontainebleau
Lat : 48.4083Lng : 2.63156
0 m
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Point 7

Upon leaving the rocky area, cross the Route des Gorges de Franchard and enter the “Arbor&Sens” site via the passage in the fence. Continue opposite and take the first path on the right, then right again to reach the giant sequoia, a remarkable tree you can’t miss!

Route des Gorges de Franchard 77300 Fontainebleau
Lat : 48.405Lng : 2.63183
0 m
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Point 8

Leave “Arbor&Sens” behind the sequoia and take Route de Montpensier: the forest trail located the furthest left.

Route Castel 77300 Fontainebleau
Lat : 48.4028Lng : 2.62911
0 m
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Point 9

At the Trappe-Charrette crossroads, take Route Marquis (3rd left). At the Carrefour d'Achères crossroads, take the 2nd path on the right (Route d'Achères à Fontainebleau), then take the 3rd left (Route de la Princesse Marie, bordering plot 637) to reach the Carrefour des Grands Feuillards crossroads.

Route de Trappe Charrette 77300 Fontainebleau
Lat : 48.387Lng : 2.62487
0 m
image du poi

Point 10

At the Carrefour des Grands Feuillards, follow Route de Montpensier (between plots 636 and 637) and continue on to the Carrefour des Ventes aux Perches.

Route Forestière de la Plaine de la Haute Borne 77300 Fontainebleau
Lat : 48.3755Lng : 2.62337
0 m
image du poi

Point 11

From this crossroads, start following the green-and-white markings for the “Tour of the Fontainebleau Forest” itinerary. Follow first Route de Recloses à Arbonne (careful crossing the D152), then turn left onto Route des Barnolets to join the GR 13 trail.

Route de Montpensier 77300 Fontainebleau
Lat : 48.3654Lng : 2.62177
0 m
image du poi

Point 12

Turn right onto the GR 13 that crosses the village of Recloses (accommodations available). Follow the GR 13 until the bridge beneath the railway.

Route des Petites Mares 77300 Fontainebleau
Lat : 48.3584Lng : 2.63925
0 m
image du poi

Point 13

After the bridge, follow the road for a little way, before turning right onto a petite randonnée trail (yellow markings). Leave this PR by taking the 4th path on the left (marked with a Stevenson pointer).

4 Route de Recloses 77880 Recloses
Lat : 48.3305Lng : 2.66736
0 m
image du poi

Point 14

At the first road intersection, take the right-hand path. At the second road intersection, take the left-hand path, then turn left again to rejoin the GR 13 trail paralleling the railway.

Route de Bourron-Marlotte 77760 Villiers-sous-grez
Lat : 48.3232Lng : 2.6671
0 m
image du poi

Point 15

Follow this GR left, passing through a vaulted tunnel beneath the railway. Continue following the GR all the way to the Place Jolivet square in the centre of Grez-sur-Loing.

11 Chemin des Prés de la Noue 77880 Grez-sur-loing
Lat : 48.3144Lng : 2.67513
0 m
image du poi

Point 16

From this little square, head left along the GR 13 B to reach the Place de la République square. Turn right to walk down Place de la République towards the Hôtel Chevillon. In front of the hotel, head right then immediately left onto Rue Carl Larsson. Continue on to the other bank of the Loing in the meadow, to the left below the bridge: the end of the Stevenson Trail.

116 Rue Wilson 77880 Grez-sur-loing
Lat : 48.3171Lng : 2.69238
0 m
image du poi

Point 17


1 Chemin des Prés 77880 Grez-sur-loing
Lat : 48.3164Lng : 2.69461
0 m

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